Turn narratives into your strategy!

Online Market Research lets you build a marketing strategy that resonates with people.
Find out how your brand, your products & services or your competition are perceived online.

How it works

Online Market Research 
with HiData


We help you to map the market in order to keep up with your competitors and even take the lead.


With the latest data gathering technologies, we help you to better understand your customers and their attitudes so you can reach out to bigger audiences.


We use visualizations, interactive dashboards, that are pleasing to the eyes and help to easily understand complicated interrelations and patterns.


Are you aware of how your target audience percieve your business? Our insights and recommendations will be beneficial for your marketing and your general strategy as well.

What we offer

Our expertise in Online Market Research

Areas in which we are at your service

Topic Research

If you’re interested in the different fields of your business or in which contexts your brand was mentioned.

Sentiment Analysis

Latest Big Data technologies allows us to explore emotional intentions behind opinions, so we’ll be aware of how overheated or neautral the opinions are.

Competitor Analysis

What do people think about you or about your rivals? In which areas are you better or where should you improve?

Trend Analysis

What provoked reactions? Social media interactions or online media? Trendline analysis help to detect and interpret which events caused peaks at the previous years.

Persona Research

Get to know your audience! What characteristics they have? Whose voices are the loudest?

Motivations and Barriers

Do you know what are the driving intentions of your customers? What are the pitfalls that stops them from buying your products or using your services?

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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