What is GA4 and why you should start using it right now?

By Norbert 2023.03.15.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new version of the Google Analytics platform that offers enhanced features and insights for web and app developers.

Here are 10 reasons why GA4 is important and why you should start using it:

  1. Enhanced user privacy protection – GA4 is designed to be more privacy-friendly, giving users more control over their data and providing more insights into their behavior.
  2. Cross-device tracking – GA4 enables tracking users across different devices and platforms, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of user behavior.
  3. Better measurement of customer engagement – GA4 provides more granular data on user engagement, allowing for a more accurate assessment of user behavior and preferences.
  4. Improved reporting capabilities – GA4 offers more advanced reporting capabilities, including machine learning-powered insights, that provide deeper insights into user behavior.
  5. Greater integration with Google Ads – GA4 provides better integration with Google Ads, allowing marketers to create more targeted and effective campaigns.
  6. Event tracking on a new level – GA4 provides better tracking of user events, allowing for easier and more precise measurement of user behavior.
  7. Streamlined implementation process – GA4 has a simplified implementation process that makes it easier to set up and configure than Universal Analytics. However, if you need a custom setup, you might need to get professional help.
  8. Easier analysis of user journeys – GA4 allows for a more streamlined analysis of user journeys, making it easier to identify key touchpoints and conversion opportunities.
  9. Better integration with Google Marketing Platform – GA4 integrates more seamlessly with Google Marketing Platform, allowing for more effective use of advertising and analytics data.
  10. Improved data modeling and analysis – GA4 uses a more advanced data modeling approach that allows for more accurate analysis of user behavior and better insights into user preferences.

How is GA4 different from Universal Analytics?

  • Universal Analytics uses a tracking code on each page to collect data, while GA4 uses an event-based tracking model that tracks user interactions with elements on a page.
  • GA4 has a different data model that tracks users and events instead of sessions and pageviews, allowing for a more flexible and granular analysis of user behavior.
  • GA4 provides more advanced reporting features, including machine learning-powered insights and predictive analytics, that are not available in Universal Analytics.


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