Measure for success

Digital Analytics is the process of measuring, reporting, and translating your data into action.
Average charts show you numbers. Great charts show you what to do next.

How it works

Digital Analytics

Choosing the right tools

Are you using the right tools for measurement and reporting? Do you have a strategy that you follow?

Choosing the right KPIs

Are you looking at ego-metrics every week and getting caught up in marketing hubris?

Creating the right reports

Are you checking different excel reports every week? Are you looking at fancy but meaningless charts?

Making the right desicions

Are you making decisions based on your reports?
If not, better to start the whole process over.

What we offer

Digital Analytics services

From setup to reporting

Measurement strategy

We revise your measurement strategy (or create one) and make sure you know the hows and whys. A well thought-out strategy will give you more clarity and drive your focus on data that really matters.


A proper setup is an inevitable step of the digital analytics process. We know the tools inside out and help you to get the most out of them.
We’ll squeeze out every drop of important info of your analytics tools and visualize it in a way that the charts won’t let your data tell you lies.


Let’s revise your web analytics reporting processes. Say good-bye to boring excel tables, and say Hi to well-structured, automated, dynamic reports that provide clarity your data in a way that’ll answer the real important questions.


Let’s do a bird’s-eye view on your data. What is the exact value of your marketing channels compared to one another? What is your average customer lifetime value? There’s so much more in the numbers than what basic charts show.



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Let's step up your measurement game

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