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How it works

See how Paid ads work with you


We help you to find the best channels, targeting methods, tools and budget to reach your business goals.

Planning and Executing

Implementing and executing the strategy is just as important as the planning. We use the most up to date tools and best practices for that.


We believe in numbers, not theroies. Data based analysis helps us to spotlight your strengths and weaknesses.


We make decisions based on data, while always focusing on your business goals.

What we offer

Paid ad Services

Platforms and methods tailored for your strategy

Google Ads

Boost your sales and conversions with the most converting online channel. We are experienced in every Google channel: Search, Shopping, Youtube, Display whichever fits the best for your strategy.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Reach your target audience through the biggest social media platforms. Let us create and manage your ads. Various possibilities lie in targeting and creative options ensuring the effectiveness of these channels.

Landing page optimisation

To improve the conversion rate., we can help optimize your landing page. It will not only help your paid traffic, but you’ll notice a raise from other sources too.


The vast majority of the users will not return to your site, unless you retarget them with personalised ads. That’s the reason behind we use various retargeting methods on almost all of the platforms


If you already have campaigns set up, but you are not sure everything is optimal do not hesitate to hit us up for an audit!

Linkedin & Youtube Ads

There’s life beyond Google and Facebook ads. Although those are the biggest platforms, we are not afraid of choosing other paid social channels. Cutting edge strategy tailored for your business



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