The future is cookieless and exciting!

Marketing Automation is key when addressing the challanges of today and the future. Own your data, know your customer and scale your return by precise commincation.

How it works

Marketing Automation with HiData.

Own your data.

Earn your freedom from black boxes of walled gardens like Google and Facebook. Be ahead of your competition, collect and store customer data on the top shelf of among most valuable assets!

Organize your data.

Make your data to work towards your business goals. Marketing Automation softwares offer powerful solutions to hypersegment your zero and first party customer data.

Personalize your communication.

Connect with all your customers like you would know them one by one. Send genuinely personalized and automatically triggered messages accross all channels.

Personalize your website.

Integrate a broad variety of dynamic elements to show information based on your visitors’ interest. Use a smart search engine, introduce a loyalty program, help users with a personalized chat, and more.

Supported by AI.

AI & Machine Learning suggest producst with the highest purchase probability thanks to ongoing analysis of traffic and transactions of your webstore or service website.

What we offer

Use our expertise in Marketing Automation.

We set up and manage marketing automation systems comprehensively.


We help you to validate your needs and connect them with the best matching solution available.

Technical implementation

We offer a helping hand in the technical implementation process, as well as setting up essential and advanced functions, all based on transparent strategies.

Campaign management

We make sure that your campaigns are running well and working towards continious optimization. You will always be aware of how your campaigns and expected returns are looking.

Content creation

Content is the fuel for most Marketing Automation campaings. In case of need, both your content strategy and execition will be in good hands.

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Check out what Benedek, one of our founders wrote about the emerging trends in marketing automation.

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